Range of gifts for the Pet Lover


The Rosina Wachtmeister  - Fine porcelain  by Goebel (Germany)

Brooches, necklaces, plates and wall pictures have now arrived.



New arrival of brooches

 The Rosina Wachtmeister  - Fine porcelain  by Goebel (Germany)

We stock mainly  this range by Goebel, as Rosina’s specialty is cats.

The range includes  plates, figurines, vases and  wall pictures.

Brooches and necklaces in this range have now arrived.


 Small range of small trinket boxes and paintings from Goebel’s Old Master’s Collection is also available.



This beautiful range of Israeli Crystal includes sculptures of tigers , cheetahs and other animals, as well as  cats. For those traveling overseas we also have a range of Australian native animals.



QUINTESSENCE  range of cats from Devon (England).

Beautiful handmade cats sculpted from Devon Rock.




Teviotdale Figurines from Scotland

Range of hand sculpted porcelain figurines.




QUARRY CRITTERS  by second Nature Design

Range of amusing stone figurines : cats, dogs, frogs, turtles, pigs and bears.

Quarry Kids figurines feature small impish children hugging an animal.

These figurines  have very expressive faces and postures.




Cloisonné - Collection from China

Lovely copper figurines which are hand enameled using the traditional Chinese techniques and finished with gold paint or gold wire.




Crystal Brooches and Animals  inlaid  with crystals.


 Range of  assorted animal brooches, and  other animal sculptures and figurines  is always available and always changing.


Small selection of our framed prints


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